Multi Sites Management


EgeCMS Multi-Sites Builder Pro  v.

EgeCMS is a powerful Multisites Content Management System. It can create shop,forum,press release,shareware download sites,blog and other type sites, manage them on one server,and can publish sites to other servers. with the tech Asp.Net 2.0+MSSQL.

Microsoft Forefront Protection Server Management Console  v.11.1

Multi-server management for Forefront Protection. Microsoft Forefront Protection Server Management Console (FPSMC) provides multi-server management for Forefront Protection 2010 for Exchange Server and Forefront Protection for SharePoint.


MinuteManPlus  v.7. 4. 2024

MinuteMan Plus is a comprehensive Multi-Project management tool, providing detail scheduling and cost tracking for one project or across many.

Posterita POS  v.1.7.2004

Posterita POS is a fully functional free web retail POS that caters for large distribution, multi-sites and multi-terminals.

Quote Vision

This is a streaming multi-portfolio management program that can help you manage all your equity investment. Quote Vision delivers delayed market information and users can set portfolio refresh time for Quote Vision to bring you up to minute market

Outlook Cleaner  v.3.1

This software allows you to clean Outlook of unwanted data using advanced filtering options. The table-driven, multi-folder management tool allow you to keep Outlook clean and running smoothly.

HydraVision  v.11.9

HydraVisionOao Multi-monitor Management Software enables you to tailor your desktop to the way you work, so you can manage increased amounts of information and improve your productivity.

Multi·Project·Planner  v.3 2

Multi-Project Planner is a project management tool aimed to be as simple as possible, but keeping the most of the common features present in such kind of application.

Multi Project Planner

Multiple concurrent projects competing for shared resources is at the very focus of Multi-Project-Planner. The core of Multi-Project-Planner is a global plan containing the schedules of the work teams participating in the projects. Upon this global plan

VirusBuster Central Management Solution  v.7.1.66

This program is a centralized management solution for network environments. VirusBuster Central Management Solution provides a real and comprehensive central controlling and monitoring option on Windows networks. With the help of CMS,

RationalPlan Multi  v.3.24.2

The product is specifically designed for project managers that need to handle the company's projects and resources in a centralized way.

In-Step  v.4.9

in-Step is a tool for IT project management.

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